Whether you're looking to start a new position in the medical field , want advancement, or just need a refresher, Not Furlong Temps dba The Medical Education Center  is the place to turn for high quality education and national certification with the benefit of small groups.

Click on the name for detailed information regarding the prep session.  Please do not register unless you plan on attending.  The session sizes are limited and erroneous registration takes a place away from someone who desires attendance.  If you aren't ready financially call Pauline and she will give you some options for payment.  When we contact you for follow up please take a moment to respond with a withdrawl or acceptance.  Contact will be by phone and email.  Four attempts to contact you will be made please reply promptly.

The prep for these areas of certification is all inclusive in the cost.  This may lengthen the amount of time needed for study.  

National testing

If you do not wish to take the prep session and have experience in the field already, you can test directly.  Your experience must be verified by current or former employer, submitting examinee’s experience on company letterhead. (This will be verified before testing.)  If exam is failed examinee will have to re-register and pay fees again accordingly

If passed the examinee will be nationally certified by MedCA or NHA  national certifying agencies.

Exams will be graded by MedCA or NHA and certificates will be mailed to address submitted.

No refunds will be granted if test is failed or no showed.

Medical Assistant click here for information

Most medical assistants work in private offices. Clinical duties vary according to state law. Some medical assistants may help doctors examine and treat patients. They may check the height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure of each patient. Assistants write down patients' medical histories and run simple laboratory tests. Sometimes they answer patients' questions about medicines and treatment at home. Assistants may also give injections, apply bandages, and take X-rays. Many assistants take electrocardiograms, which measure the electrical impulses of the heart. The national is not accepted in Washington State at this time. All other states will accept the Medca national.

Phlebotomy Technician click here for information

Phlebotomist's duties and responsibilities center around the obtaining and proper handling of human blood. The basic services of the phlebotomist include taking blood samples from patients and correctly cataloging them for lab analysis, but the importance of the phlebotomist is far more critical than this simple description implies. The national is not accepted in California or Louisiana at this time.

Intravenous (IV) click here for information

IV skilled personnel are responsible for administering fluids intravenously to their patients. Their duties may include ensuring the patients receive the correct amount of fluids and electrolytes. They may also ensure that patients are receiving the correct amount of pain medication through an IV tube.  The IV skilled person may also be responsible for evaluating a patient's needs and deciding the best IV therapy