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Not Furlong Temps dba The Medical Education center is a local leader in medical services with over 23 years of service and two awards from the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.  We have helped people from many different medical office specialties as well as cross trained and provide training hours for degree holders.

Our program is guaranteed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of participants.



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Pauline Furlong, Owner,(Phlebotomy and MA) (top left) (right)bottom row:India Furlong (admin)Joyce Roberts LPN (MA) Colleen Harp (admin)


Upon completion of the national test, students will receive a National certification to work in that particular field of study from MedCa or NHA.  This will be at the beginner level.  The prep must be passed with 75% in order to continue on with the national.   This is not a State certification. National is a higher level than state.  Currently the state and national certification is optional for Phlebotomy and Medical assistant, but lawmakers say it may be required in the future.

Vary depending on the session. Please refer to the appropriate session pages.  Click on description header for information.

Payment is non-refundable under any circumstances.  If a participant cancels more than 7 days prior to the start date, they may receive a refund less $100 administrative fee.  You may move to next available date one time. After start date no refunds or substitutions are issued and monies paid are forfeited. You are ultimately responsible for entire balance of payment even if no longer attending or if employer is sponsoring.

No refund will be due to you if you do not pass the prep with a 75% or above.

Anyone with more than 2 unexcused absences will be dismissed from the session. No refund will be issued.

The participant is responsible for employment. Not Furlong Temps / The Medical Education Center does not guarantee or promise employment.

If you have not received a confirmation within five days of the program, please call our office at 703-975-5115 to verify registration.

Not Furlong Temps Inc. and The Medical Education Center is a local leader in medical services with over 23 years of service and two awards from the Chamber of Commerce of Loudoun County. We have trained people from all different types of positions to expand or refresh their skills in the medical field. Our program is guaranteed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of participants. If you do not receive the professional or business benefits described in our literature, please let us know in writing within seven days of dissatifaction.

Any Opinions, findings, recommendations or Conclusions expressed by the author(s) or speaker(s) do not Necessarily reflect the views of Not Furlong Temps Inc. Not Furlong Temps Inc. reserves the right to substitute a qualified instructor due to unforeseen circumstances.


Hi Pauline! This is Amanda T. from your recently graduated  medical assisting class. I came in yesterday to sit for the national exam.... I just wanted to update you and let you know that right after graduation I interviewed at several places and was offered a position at two different practices very quickly. I began my new job at an ob/gyn office this morning! I want to thank you for your letter of recommendation and for being a reference for me in my job search. Hope all is well with you too!

Thanks again,

Amanda T.

April 2016

"...I have an interview with Quest Diagnostics! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and teaching me everything I need to know. ...I really appreciate you and you've given me the knowledge of doing what I've always wanted to do."

A. Walker


Hey Pauline! I just wanted to tell you I made it into nursing school!  Thank you so much for teaching me and giving me the drive to further myself in the field.  I hope you are up to receiving a phone call or two when I need some extra help!  I would like you to come to my graduation in October 31, 2016!!
Adore you so much!!
Ravi S.

Pauline - the team is so unbelievably energized by your trainer.  They are LOVING class and are bursting with learning they are tying to their jobs - are sending me notes every night excited to share what they're learning.  They are loving your trainer - said she's engaging, energetic (which is perfect for evening) and really their heads are just exploding.

JUST the right thing.  Thank you so much - best money UPIC has ever spent.  Looking forward to a long partnership.

Mary T. CEO

UPIC Health, LLC